What to Expect When Undergoing an Open Hernia Surgery

Open hernia surgery is very different from laparoscopic surgery. However, the surgeon may recommend an open surgery in instances when your hernia is too large, and for hernias that reoccur. The open hernia surgery gives doctors the chance to sew the weakened area, once the belly wall is pushed back in place.

One large incision

An open hernia surgery mainly involves one large incision. The large incision requires a longer period of time to heal. You also stay for longer at the hospital, before discharge. However, the larger incision gives doctor room to stitch the hernia properly.

Safe hernia surgery

When undergoing the open hernia surgery, you can be assured of safety. Mainly this type of surgery is undertaken by highly experienced surgeons. Choose a doctor who has the ability to handle the surgery in the right way.

Quicker surgery

The open hernia surgery will require only a short time, about one hour, to complete. It is a procedure that is easy, unlike laparoscopic surgery. It gives the openness that makes it efficient to complete the surgery quicker.

Bleeding after the surgery

The open hernia surgery will involve more bleeding. Proper preparation prior to the surgery is necessary, so as to increase the hemoglobin level. Have the HB level checked along with other test preparations before your hernia surgery in London.

Swelling of the incision scar

This is also expected to happen to the patient after open hernia surgery. This does not imply that the surgery was unsuccessful. In order to reduce the swelling, place a cold ice pack on top of the swollen part. Place it for about 10 minutes over a period of 2 hours. Have a thin cloth in between the ice pack and the skin.

Pain and discomfort

You will experience some pain and discomfort after the surgery. This may go on until the wound is completely healed. You should stay away from difficult tasks, for about 3 weeks, which will involve light activities. This helps the wound to heal faster.

After-surgery diet

After a hernia surgery, the doctor will recommend a diet to aid faster healing. This will include having light meals, in small portions. Until you get well, it is right to follow the strict guidelines. This is especially for children who undergo hernia surgery. For adults, ensure you take precautionary measures, which include stopping smoking and drinking alcohol among others.

Proper care of the wound is required, to ensure the wound does not get infected. In case of any bleeding at the wound, or other anomalies, go to the doctor right away. Ask your doctor all the questions you may have about wound care after the surgery. Proper preparation before surgery is necessary as it affects the success rate of the surgery. A driver may also be required before the wound heals.


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