Transform Your Smile with Lumineers

Everybody in this world dreams of having the perfect smile. Some lucky people are born with the perfect smile while there are others who could only dream about having them. Nowadays however with the help of Lumineers dental anybody can get the perfect smile. People willing to have a smile like a Hollywood Star should go for Lumineers. This procedure is completely painless.

Lumineers are highly customized, ultra-thin porcelain veneers which require almost no preparation for the teeth. A patient can now through Lumineers drastically change and enhance their smiles. This can be done painlessly without any unnecessary drilling or shot.

Earlier the traditional porcelain veneers which were invented in the year 1930 required much more drilling and grinding as compared to Lumineers. How the traditional system worked is that the enamel in the exterior portion of each tooth is removed permanently to make room for the thicker traditional porcelain veneers. Due to this procedure, the sensitive tooth structure would never grow back. Once removed it would be gone forever.

This is why Lumineers should be opted instead of the traditional method as because Lumineers is much faster and quicker than the traditional method. Another advantage of Lumineers is that it can usually be completed within two sittings with the doctor. If a person would like to get the perfect smile, then the best place to go for Lumineers would be dentist Indianapolis, Indiana. Now let us look into the two steps which are involved with Lumineers.

How do Lumineers Work?

Lumineers usually takes around two visits to the dentist to make sure that the person has the most beautiful smile. Now let us look at the steps

  • During the first visit after the initial consultation, the Certified Lumineers Dentist would take an impression of the upper and lower portion of the person’s teeth The Dentist would then send the mold to an Authorized Lumineers laboratory. The best thing about Lumineers is that it does not require any extensive drilling, unlike the traditional method.
  • During the second visit which takes place a couple of weeks later, the dentist would place the Lumineers. One thing that should be kept in mind is that before the Lumineers are bonded in place, they need to be tried on to make sure that they fit. After all this the teeth is then etched moderately to prepare it for placement. After preparing for placement, they are bonded one by one. The dentist after these checks the patients bite just to make sure that the contacts are balanced. They do this to avoid chipping on their Lumineers.

These are the only two basic steps which need to be done to get the perfect smile. Lumineers is the easiest and the most painless way to get the perfect smile, and it is recommended for any and everybody.


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