The Best Mobile Apps For Our Elders

First and foremost, we tend to underestimate our elders when it comes to technology. Seniors are actually capable of this kind of things we just don’t give them credit them for it. The apps available on the market is making interacting easier especially for our seniors who have a lot of free time at their disposal.

Luckily with the advancement of communication technologies more and more mobile apps are made exclusively for elders. It is because we need to cater to older people’s need while accessing they are accessing mobile apps.

A compilation of apps is listed below to help care for our elders and at the same time keeping them entertained. Most are available for Android devices, iPhone, and iPad. The apps are of different types from medical, reading, hearing, shopping, social media, and even games.

5 Apps That Are Meant To Make Life Easier

  1. AARP Now App (free)

It is an app which provides senior-specific news. Shares events that are happening locally, so if your elder is in a home healthcare agencies Houston tx they can easily keep track of anything happening near them. Also, it lets your elders know what discounts they qualify for their AARP membership.

  1. EyeReader by NetSoft -iOS

Most seniors have failing eyesight, what this app will do is it turns into a magnifying glass. Just hold up your phone and hover over any text and the EyeReader will then magnify and light things up for the elder.

  1. Life360 (free iOS)

This app helps you keep track of family members especially the elders and vice versa. They don’t need to give you a call just to say they are now home the app will notify you instead thanks to its GPS tracking capability.

  1. Find My iPhone (free)

If you forgot or misplaced your phone somewhere, this specific app would find it for you.

  1. Silver Surf (free with iOS)

The Silver Surf app will allow an elder to enlarge text and buttons on their iPhones and iPads. It is an app that is best for use for the visually impaired.

Other Trending Apps Made For Elders

1.Pill Reminder Pro

To use the app, key in the name of the pill, when and how many to take. And the app will remind your elder to take the correct pills at the right time with a customized message.

  1. GoodRx (free)

It is an app that can compare prices from over 60,000 pharmacies. What it does is it finds you the best price for your prescription drugs so you can save money.

  1. Netflix (free with a subscription)

Get to watch TV shows and movies on your devices with this app. Keep your elders entertained as Netflix has a wide array of choices just pay a monthly subscription.

  1. Red Panic Button (free)

You get to have a panic button built into an app and its free. The Red Panic button app will send out a message to a specific list of people when you need help STAT. It will include the address where you are at during the emergency.

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