Symptoms and cure of neuroma pain

Mortons’s neuroma is a very big problem among the people that is spreading all over the world very rapidly. It is a very painful situation for those people who are suffering from this problem. This problem occurs in foot balls and patient suffers from unbearable pain in their foot. In most of the cases the problems generate around the third and fifth toe of your foot. This is a very big problem that is suffered by a lot of people these days. There are many medical clinics and diagnostic centers that are established in the market with the intension to provide the Morton’s neuroma treatment to the needy and required people.

Symptoms of this problem

There are a lot of symptoms that arises in the body when you are suffering from this big issue some of them are given below:

  • When you are suffering from this problem then you feel that you are standing on the stones or pebbles, you cannot walk for a long distance and for a long time.
  • There is a burning pain that is generated around your foot and makes you feel irritated and restricts you from doing your work efficiently as you are not able to walk properly.
  • Slight sensation occurs in your foot when you are suffering from this issue. Tingling makes you feel annoyed and for a moment it makes you feel numb.

Risk factors

This problem arises because of many reasons. Some of them are given below-

High heels- Carrying high heels is the big cause to having neuronal pain. High heel sandals that are not well sized or not fitted in your foot very well can cause Morton’s Neuroma in your foot.

Certain sports- There are many types of sports and various activities that can cause lots of discomfort to your foot while doing any activity.

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